Hi, my name is Sarah and Unnatural Birth is a new blog that explores the realities of childbirth, without the often disingenuous new-age mantra of “birth without pain” or the medical establishment’s institutionalized approach to birthing. I will also add the occasional article or anecdote about motherhood. If you’re looking for honest portrayals of childbirth from the perspective a mother who has run the gamut of prenatal philosophies (from midwives and radical free birthers, to obstetric surgeons and anesthesiologists), I may be your cup of herbal tea. All children are naturally born, and no matter how you choose, or circumstances dictate, you will give birth, or wether you’ve given birth already, I’ll be here in the proverbial teacup with a contraband sugar cube and an irreverent splash of honey to revel in the anticipation, joy, tears and lamentation of birth.